Features Overview

Electronic Scoring System

Our Patent Approved Electronic Scoring System (ESS) is a system developed by the Bass River Tennis Club initially for its own use and is now available to be licensed by other clubs and organizations. The system allows players to enter the game score information on a tablet quicker than flipping the cards at the side of the court. This enables the system to integrate seamlessly with the game and not interfere with or delay the flow. Once score and video information is captured, it allows local and remote users to view information, including:

• On-court players watching teammates during breaks;
• Remote viewers, like teammates or parents; or
• Club Personnel checking in on some matches.

An iPhone, iPad and Android version of the software has been developed for members.

The features are explored below in greater detail.

Functional Areas

The functions of the system can be thought of in four groups.  Each of these functional areas access and update the real time database.  This includes presetting information on the database, capturing courtside scoring, viewing the scoring information, and supporting Tournaments.  Additional information is provided for each of these areas below.

Courtside Scoring

Courtside Scoring represents a major improvement over today’s flip-cards and other manual courtside scoring  techniques.  It captures the scoring information and makes it available in real-time to all allowed and interested parties on the courts, in the club, and remotely.   Game scores are updated by pressing the larger +/- buttons over the game scores, while set scores  are updated by pressing the smaller +/- buttons at the bottom of the screen.  The “Switch Sides Arrow” as written at the middle bottom row switches the side where each player’s information is displayed for easier viewing. Courtside Scoring allows preset information (players’ names  and match information) to be set prior to going onto the court.  It is loaded by pressing the “Start Match” button on the lower right of the screen. Finally, scores on all courts, or pre-selected courts, can be displayed by  pressing the “View Scores" with the binocular icon on the left side bottom of the screen.

Preset Information

To allow the most efficient use of court time, players and the club can establish preset information  (players’ names and match description).  When arriving on the court, the players should always press the “Start Match”  button to initialize the court screen and load any preset information.  If  necessary, it can be updated manually.  Preset information can be setup when home league matches are established at the beginning of the season.  It can be updated prior to the match’s start  time by the front desk administrator.  Other weekly repeating court times can also be preset for a season. For example, pro’s lesson time slots, contract courts, team practices, etc. can also be set up. Players sent to a court during a tournament will have their preset information automatically set. For other types of matches, players can update their personal preset information for up to one hour prior to match start time.  This increases the likelihood of the accuracy of the information enterterd. Preset information is also used to set up the “Next Up Match Display” screen.  On this screen, all matches to be played in the next half hour and their associated court numbers are displayed.  Since this screen will be continuously displayed,  it can also be used for club as well as national advertising.

Viewing Scores and Videos Local & Remote

Live video streaming is available on-site and remotely.  It is strictly controlled and managed to protect privacy of the players.  The system’s allows any league match or tournament match to be viewed by any member.  Club management and pros can view any matches. Other matches can be viewed based on entering a password at viewing time that matches a password created by club management prior to the match’s start time. Scores are shown at the top of the video screen to show the score on the particular court. If desired scores on the other courts are desired they can be requested for all courts or for specified courts. This can be accomplished by "clicking or pressing the "binocular" on the screen.

Tournament Management

Tournament directors (TDs) want to control the flow and be aware of the real-time status of all ongoing matches.  Specifically they want to know next matches to be played on new courts, or on courts finishing shortly, which cab be set up in advance by the TDs allowing him/her to press the “Next” button to send out the new match as the prior match is completed.  This system provides control over the tournament set up with up to 10 courts assigned.  The system provides the necessary information to control the tournament and minimize the amount of time courts are idle. This results in maximizing and value for the facility.

Electronic Signage System (aka Digital Signage Software)

Our Digital Signage software allows the entry area to become an information hub for your members and staff. It can highlight information about your team, accomplishments of your members, and provide videos and key information about any events at the club or facility.  If a club has  an ESS system and has installed cameras, it can show live video and scores on a selected court or the scores for all courts. The system is flexible and is continually updated to ensure the latest information is shown.  This software is licensed separatelyfrdom the ESS system for those interested.

A written overview of the system is available to be printed by clicking here.
A long-form video overview of the functions can be seen by clicking here.