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Next Generation

ESS is the first major improvement in scoring since video line calling and represents the next generation in scoring and information for tennis. It captures and disseminates the scores courtside and any where there is an intent connection realtime throughout the club and remotely.

Seamlessly replaces Flip Cards

Scoring with ESS is easier than using traditional “Flip Cards.” It captures information such as the players name and match information which is usually preset before the players walk out onto the court.  Players then use the application instead of flipping a card, or to indicate to switch sides simplifying the process. Set scoring automatically updates the games to 0 avoiding the swapping and reseting the individual cards.
The “Developers Insights (How it started / ScoringOverview)” video below further highlights the scoring aspect.

Captures and makes scoring info available

Realtime score information is available remotely for Tournament Directors, teammates, and family members. It allows any player during the match to see other court scores and if desired limited to the courts that the team is playing on (hopefully during breaks in the sets).  It also allows real time scoring to be seen in the club and remotely with or without video.



From Our Members

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